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We're glad you asked! The easy answer: it's a used phone you can trust! Refurbished phones have been professionally inspected, tested and sometimes repaired (e.g. replacement of the screen or battery). 

They are 100% functional phones and all come with a 12-month warranty here at Rebold.

Check out this article we wrote: Used vs. Refurbished Phones

As a reminder, all our devices are 100% functional and have a battery health level of 80% as a strict minimum.

The conditions (or grades) only relate to the cosmetic aspect of the device, which is categorised into 4 levels:

  • As New: the device is flawless
  • Excellent: the device has minimal signs of wear; it may have very faint marks on the screen or the frame
  • Very Good: the devivce has light signs of wear; it may have some visible scratches on the screen and/or some scuffing
  • Good: the devices has medium to heavy signs of wear (including scratches and scuffs), a small chip in the glass or a display blemish

All phones sold on Rebold are safely packaged in a plain box which also includes a USB charger, an AC wall adaptor and a SIM ejection pin. The package does not include earphones.

That's a must at Rebold! All our devices come with a 12-month warranty.

However, the warranty does not cover faults caused by the way the device is treated or used by the customer.

Yes! All products on Rebold are network unlocked and can be used on any networks in Australia. 

All devices on Rebold are guaranteed to have a battery level between 80 and 100%.

We only sell online. Our offices are in Sydney and our products come from vetted and trusted partners from all around Australia.

All our refurbished devices have gone through an extensive testing and checking process. They are all 100% functional devices however their cosmetic condition varies.

At Rebold, our devices classified into 4 grades:

  • "As New": near new cosmetic condition
  • "Excellent": minimal sign of wear, barely visible scratches or scuffs
  • "Very Good": small sign of wear on the screen and/or the back
  • "Good": medium to heavy scratches and marks that do not hinder use

We currently only ship to Australia.

However send us a message at with the location you would like the device to be shipped to, and we'll see what we can do.

Yes! We buy back nearly all models. 

Check out our Buyback page at

No, we don't refurbish the products ourselves.

However, we work with the best tech refurbishers in Australia whom we've carefully selected for their experience and the quality of their products and services. This is to be sure that we can offer trusted and high quality refurbished devices that give everyone peace of mind.